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Hot Springs Of Lesvos Island Greece

Thanks to its volcanic past the island of Lesvos has many natural hot springs some of which have fallen into dis-repair but are slowly being renovated by the local communities and being brought back into use again. Many of the springs have been used since the days of antiquity and have been used by locals and visitors alike for the relief of aches and pains. The various hot springs in use all have different mineral compositions and are recommended for different ailments.


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Villages of Lesvos Island Greece


In the villages of Lesvos life continues much as it has done over the centuries with the exception of a few modern conveniences, such as electricity that have found there way there. Most villages have kept their traditional style and life centres on the main square, and the local coffee shops, "the kafenia" where you will often find the local men having a coffee and a game of cards or backgammon, while the women will gather in groups and sit in the streets catching up on the days events. Most village squares have a giant plane tree to provide shade and are used by local farmers to display and sell their produce. The fact that in many villages houses are still constructed in the same way they have in the past means that many traditional crafts have been kept alive in the villages, with many carpenters, metal workers and stonemasons who will produce anything you require from window frames to beds and paving stones to garden gates.